Auto Detailing

Call another company to detail your vehicle?  Forget about it.  We are the best mobile mechanics in Trenton, and we earned that name for a reason. If you are in Trenton and need auto detailing services or any other auto/auto repair services, we are your go to professionals to provide you with the very best service there is locally. 

How did we earn the reputation as the best?  The same way Papa’s Tomato Pies did, a longstanding history of excellent service, with us though it is with auto/auto repair services especially vehicle detailing. We make sure that everyone is staring at your vehicle for a positive reason because they are impressed by how nice it looks.  And your vehicle will be the one everyone wants to drive in when they see how good it looks inside and smell how fresh it is inside.

Be the envy of the office or neighborhood with your always sharp looking vehicle driving up and down the road and sitting in the driveway for them to admire. Let us do that for you by giving your vehicle our top of the line detailing service, you will glad you did and so will everyone who rides in your vehicle with you wherever you go.

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